Lovely day at the office

I’m sitting at the trian station waiting for the dart home. It’s been a long
day in the office. I arrived at just before 10am.
Things that happened today: I nearly fainted on the train coming into the
office. That cost me 1/2 an hour waiting for missing trains.
I got 2.6.3 working on my laptop. It just simply refused to boot. I forgot
to translate the modules.conf file into the modprobe.conf file. Aargh!
I’ve been getting it working under vmware too, I needed to build the vmhgfs
module. Rewrote the Makefile to be a 2.6 modules makefile. One fix in the
driver.c file (add a #define for NODEV) and it built and installed fine.
The only problem is that getting the interface status i.e. link up/down isn’t
working so the ifup script wasn’t assigning them IP addresses. A couple of
fixes to that (remove the link test) and it all worked perfectly. I should
probably fix the link test to work correctly, that way I can take the laptop
on the road again.
That’s just about all the work related stuff I’m allowed to talk about the
rest is hush hush.