Humourous look at 24

The Robservatory (good pun there by the creator), has a wonderful listing of the 24 rules of the ’24’ universe. Pretty much all true.
It really is annoying, they keep hitting the same problems again and again and again. You would think they could get to the solution without having to suffer through so many problems. Case in point, season 2, I think, and the Israeli agent gets dragged out of the SUV and beaten to death by the racist hicks just to add another two hours to the storyline (minimum). In a movie there wouldn’t be a twist like that because it kills the bloody story, and drags things out so much that you just want to shout at the TV to speed things up.
Of course I was watching the show on DVD, so it made all the delays more painful. I presume if it was on TV that the delays would not have felt so bad. I gave up after season 2, I just don’t have patience for a directed yet unfocused show.
Hang on a minute, my favourite shows over the last while have all be japanese anime, which has the distinction of regular bouts of aimlessness. The advantage is that they’re only 22 odd minutes each which makes them a lot easier to digest.
Anyone else got a tune-in?
AIR, which really touched me. Kanon is another show that got me.