Samsung… what kind of crap is that UI?

My sister bought my Aunt a mobile phone. Dear god but it is such an unusable piece of crap. It reminds me of the worst things about the phone I first bought, but thought were really cool at the time. For example finding someone in the phonebook. Using a Nokia, Sony Ericsson all you do is tap the down arrow and you’re browsing the phone book. No, apparently that is initially bound to ‘voice memo’. Oops, you think, I’d better get out of that… it forces you to navigate back from where you are to the main menu. Time to look up a number using the non-intuitive ‘phonebook’. Click. I’m looking at a menu asking me if I want to Search, Add an entry…. For crying out loud, the most common use of the phonebook is to look for numbers, so make that the default phonebook action.
Well, I may as well change the down shortcut to browse the phonebook. No such luck, there’s no option to allow you to do that. The menus are a mess, there’s no other way to get to the phone book except through the front end. The center button is bound to make an internet connection (which given fat fingers will become really expensive).
Non intuitive, poorly designed piece of dreck. I won’t even mention the model number. It makes my heart hurt that this was a gift for a 70+ year old who has a hard enough time using her phone in the first place.