What is the matrix

It’s a simple premiss, kind of like the matrix. Basically the world has been destroyed and the only people left in it are stored on quantum computers. Approximately 400 to a computer, and there’s one for most large cities in the world. The problem is that there is an attacking foe and the only way you can combat them is to perform some funky quantum hoo-ha being re-created at some location far away. EVery time you are transferred a little piece of you is lost. Most of the time it’s dry damage, but every now and again it’s wet damage – and you lose a piece of your memories. Depending on the damage you can even end up dead. I know what you’re thinking, death, but you’re stored in a computer – surely there are backups. That’s the pain of the system. There are no backups. If something goes wrongoyu could die; or one step worse end up remembering only pieces of your life; losing precious memories of things that happened to you.
Yes, I’m a sucker for the Anime. All I need to do now is bump my learning up from partial sentences to actually understanding things.