She, the ultimate weapon

Garm, but the lack of detail about what is happening in the overall story is scary. Because of the lack of global context the story is made more the sadder.
It suffers from the standard syndrome of most shows… we don’t know when we’re going to end, and as such, we’ll just keep stringing along the watchers until the end of the series.
Of all the characters in the show, I feel that Chise is the saddest. We’re not told why she underwent the program to make her into the ultimate weapon, so we can only guess. Throughout the makeup/breakup with Shuji, all we get are disjointed experiences from the front, the end of which is the ultimate destruction of the world.
I would have liked to have seen the other side of the story. What caused it, why it happened. I’m just an analytic nerd.


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  1. How ever will you cope once you land in the home of Manga and Anime ? Will N. and T. be ever watching for a possible overload of Anime on you ?

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