Just too much fun

In the vein of utter an total enjoyment. Last night was Eurovision night – more fun than a room full of exploding baby tigers. Seriously, our country needs to get it’s act together for this, as last place is an utter embarrassment (5 points). Ireland will rise again! Let’s see… we don’t have any death metal, and our ability to choose anything even slightly good has been officially eliminated – seriously, vox populi does not work.
On the plus side, we are officially rid of our flatmate on Thursday. I have a bottle of Chopin, a bottle of Tanqueray and a bottle of Noily Pratt. Well, maybe half a bottle of Chopin by the following weekend – it really is scrummy. It’s a martuni party, and at the strength I make them – it’s martuni’s for everyone.
Monday is the last round of viewings for the apartment,but unless something irrational happens, we’ve already made our decision.
Well, it’s 7am, I’ve been awake since before 6. I’m supposed to be seeing the third spiderman movie tonight. all good!


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  1. It was the worst Eurovision in living memory – and I’m not just talking about Dervish (who were off key on the night). They need to drop it, or go back to at least partial jury voting. Fortunately, I was multislacking on the laptop during it, so I wasted my time in other, more productive ways.

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