I am, to some extent glad

One of my co-workers had to say goodbye to his father today. He suffered from Alzheimers, which is probably one of the worst things that anyone can get. To progressively lose all those things that hold us together as an individual is probably one of the worst things that can happen.
My father passed away less than a year ago, but he was as vital, as intelligent and as cogent as he ever was. We never expected him to pass so suddenly. If I had to see him disintegrate in the way that Stephen had, then I don’t think I could have taken it.
Make the most of your family while you have them. Even if they’re mad, causing problems, or simply cranky, they’re your family.

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  1. Hey Pete,
    Guess you must be missing your Dad. Hope you are doing ok. Things fine here. Getting some bitty contract work and ‘proper’ jobs are finally start to appear on the horizon.

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