I’m sorry Joss. I just didn’t get it at first

I’m sitting here at 12:45 in the morning watching Buffy. Season 6; The musical episode. I absolutely hated the first time I watched Season 6 of Buffy and the First time I watched Firefly. It was awful. I just didn’t like it.
Then I watched them again. When; I don’t know; maybe when I felt better about the entire thing and possibly actually got it.
Season 6 of Buffy was the worst to watch. It had the worst main bad guy and the entire thing was completely miserable.
The thing was that it was miserable. It was designed to be miserable. It was intentional to have the utter schlemiel for an opponent.
The issue is that the energy that was invested was spent getting to the end of Season 5. She had to fight a god. Her mother died. Hell, even she died in the end. I was done with it. Then it started again. Fecker.
So, Where do we go from here?


2 Replies to “I’m sorry Joss. I just didn’t get it at first”

  1. Jaysus you’re still at it? Many a Sunday would be spent with you stacking up your Buffy and Angel vids by the telly!

  2. So what is there to get about season 6? I think it was a misstep. It got myred in daytime-soap territory and only got good near the end. Then we were all guns blazing for Season 7 again…

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