Security, what the f**k do you mean by this

StupidBlameyErrorMessage.jpg These bloody security measures drive me up the wall. I may, or may not have already stated where this special error message comes from, but probably didn’t. In this case it’s caused by the sysinternals process explorer running. It would also probably be triggered by the registry monitor as well, I’m just not certain. The issue is a two parter. Yes, I understand that you’re trying to protect your damned stupid copy protection mechanism, but would you please put a decent damned error message up so that the common user can have a chance of getting past the problem. But no, this is at the same level as ‘General Protection Fault‘ under windows 3.11. There’s no actual protection from this. A practiced hacker has already changed the pattern of the virtual drivers of procexp and regmon to be undetectable (generally using permissions on the registry).
I use No-cd patches for this reason. There’s no obvious no-cd patch for mass effect, simply because it needs a single activation before playing. Unfortunately the entire securom scheme is still in place, causing play degredation and generally making life difficult for people.