The sensation is truly disturbing

This morning, following the standard dog walking to get the Sunday papers I found a dead blackbird (female) at the front door of the house – her poor neck had been broken from an impact with the window. We’ve had this problem before, but it’s generally from the low windows; the impact isn’t fatal and usually the bird shrugs it off in a few minutes and gets going. Today, however it was, unfortunately dead.
I picked it up to leave it in the back garden and it still felt warm. As I walked back to the end of the garden that warmth kept flowing into me.
It was truly disturbing to think that if I hadn’t been there all that heat would have just passed away without ever having had an impact on anything.

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  1. Oh I dunno, seemed to make a pretty solid impact on the window! 😉 Are you at home in Kerry or did you get a dog recently?

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