You now have 5 update tasks running…

Aargh! google chrome comes with it’s own ‘updater’ which runs in the background checking for updates to the browser (along with the updater for google gears, I presume).
Add in the Java updater (oh, lets check once a month for updates but run 24-7)
The apple software updater
Liveupdate (probably 3)
Each of them is probably doing the same thing.

  • Wait until some time on the clock
  • Check for a network connection
  • Check if there’s new code to download
  • Display an obnoxious dialog saying ‘Update available‘ with an Ok or possibly Maybe next time pair of buttons
  • Download the update
  • Install the update
  • Require a reboot because it’s changing a file that’s in use
  • repeat until you head explodes

Ok. Time fricking out here people! There has got to be a better way. If only there was a single update mechanism that all these tools could use… Unfortunately, it’s the built in update mechanism from Microsoft/Apple and it’s closed to outside developers
As it is, most applications on the Mac perform an automated check for updates when they’re launched. It’s relatively painless, and works most of the time. Mind you the notification dialogs leave a lot to be desired (version n+1 is available, download here!) as opposed to a list of version n+1 changes – especially security updates.
Hopefully, they’re secure and have built in mechanisms to make sure that they’re not taking in a corrupted/malicious application.