Controller or Mouse?

Following the purchase of a shiny new Xbox360, I transferred all the licenses and state from my old one to this one. This was accomplished using a 16GB USB stick (a feature added in the last xbox update which is great IMHO). Everything seemed to transfer without a hitch and I was up and using the new system almost immediately. I’ve been enjoying the blessed quiet of the new system, and the larger capacity hard drive allows the adding of an almost unlimited number of game images, which speeds up loading significantly.

Then I fired up Halo 3 – before you laugh, I still haven’t finished it. My single player save game was in some crazy state where upon loading I was immediately booted back to the startup screen. I had to restart the game from scratch, which is not pleasant to say the least.

Replaying the game has been a chore – mind you a lot of things that were difficult first time round are significantly simpler this time – it simply is by virtue of the fact that I’m replaying it.

The issue I have is the messy inaccuracy of the controller as a targeting device. I must simply not really be used to it or something, as I find it cumbersome and generally significantly less accurate than the mouse and keyboard options that I use on the PC.

Does anyone have any advice on the topic? Should I just be trying harder, or is there an option where I can use a mouse and keyboard with the 360? Or will I have to simply suck it up and practice until my hands bleed?

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