portable UI tip #1

if there is a blinking caret in the field then show a keyboard. There is nothing more annoying than having to ‘repick’ the text field that is currently active, with the blinking caret

what are you thinking android? focus is something explicit, not implicit. You do not have to have an active control on a form at all times. that and the fact that the keyboard is very tough to get rid of when you want to.

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  1. Hey Peter,
    Long time no see cuz! Hows things? Are ye still down in Castlegregory?? I am currently wallowing about in derry for the summer here bored senseless waiting for my computer science course to start again in september. Some interesting posts ye have up here actually!! I was speaking to my father about granda’s tapes and memoirs and he said you would be the best person to get a hold of them from?? Would it be possible to download the collection from some place?
    p.s. my facebooks my name if your on it… great wee invention the oul bakebook!!

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