Problems with 1.5 resolution display

1. Toolbar has too many icons. Need to make this customizable or else
split the toolbar into multiple choices (possible, bit difficult).
Text is not at the correct bottom of the display, and is not horizontally
at the correct location either.
13.28 –
– Fixed the text.

First stage of the Palm OS 5 port complete

Support is now coded in to deal with multi-resolution displays. It can
handle single, sony high resolution and palm OS 5 high resolution displays.
More work is needed for 1.5 resolution displays. I will examine what is
needed to get them to work today.

Icons and rearranging them

Having spent a long time rearranging the tiles, I’ve still not added in any
of the elements that are animated. It’s simply too much like rasterbating
for my liking.
The first plan is to export the current 256 color tile set out to both the
4 color and the 2 color for the palm devices (which is really irritating).
The 256 color icons export without any effort, it’s just that the other
ones need to be color-reduced to make sure that the look OK.

documenting the code.

Sitting on the sofa, tapping on the laptop putting documentation into the
game. Boy is it fun, as at the same time I’m watching the wonderful Kate &
Leopold. someone somewhere must be impugning my masculinity as a result of
this, but I really find it enjoyable.
I’m placing doxygen documentation into the application to make it easier to
navigate the source code. It is helping me keep up with the code.
The next objective is to improve the simulation so there is a better
relationship between the three primary zones. This will allow us to develop
the desire graphs.