Stolen from SVGL

I enjoy reading SVGL, and the current article is no exception. Considering that I went and pre-ordered Devil May Cry 4, when I read this it made me almost want to cancel the pre-order (not!).

Devil May Cry 4 also has a part where these evil naked snow chicks make out with each other and kiss each other all over. Okay, okay, that was kind of awesome. But I also sternly raised my eyebrows! I did!

Evil steam keeping the prices jacked up

Steam is a great idea. You get to download your games and you can play anywhere that you can log in to steam. The problem is that the prices of the games are a bit on the high side. For example today Eidos have announced a load of their games are now on steam. Hitman: blood money is $35.95. It’s cheaper to walk into your local game store and get it there.
For some reason the re-release on steam pumps the price up over what you can get in the stores. And then it stays there. You get the occasional reduction in price, but overall the price of each game remains reasonably static for it’s life on the system. Which is frustrating.

Stealing someone else’s tag line

Apparently the PS3 has this new thing called ‘home’. It’s basically second life for all those people who bought a PS3. Or there, or something equally as silly. The benefit of it is that sony don’t have to program for every GPU on the planet – they only need to get it working for the PS3 and they’re golden. Everyone on the site has at least one thing in common, and they don’t need to congratulate each other again and again. Based on the sweet graphics, I’m presuming that just about everything on it is small-c configurable, rather than big-c configurable (involving lots of downloading).

Commander, my commander

I got a copy of Supreme Commander last night, even though I was worried it was not going to work on the computee; having seen several reviews complaining about the performance. Mind you, I’m playing Company of Heroes at 1920×1200 resolution, so I was not expecting a slowdown. The screen adjusts itself to give you the best view of the play area. It seems to have been designed to scale quite well – as opposed to some other games. So far, I spent about an hour and a half playing it and it does have a lot of the feel of Total Annihilation about it – you end up with a lot of vehicles to control very early on in the game, and you lose a lot as you try to keep the weak against air units covered by the weak against ground units. Move forward in fits and starts and send out scouts to see what’s over the horizon. Fun for all the military strategists in the family, especially the history teachers. It really feels like directing armies versus directing small numbers of units. Well planning on attending the great engagement ring reveal party tonight, so I won’t be playing this… that is unless I start playing early in the morning when you should expect a rant of tired segueing into something completely surreal. Just like all my other entries (well, not all of them; primarily the ones that have taken place after the hours of midnight and post alcohol enjoyment.) Remember kids ‘[]’ are brackets, ‘{}’ are braces and ‘()’ are parentheses, so mind the parenthetical expressions in your sentences. Note, that I don’t generally consider ‘<>‘ as any of the above family; I just consider them annoying…

Sony get a thumbs up for the little gift I received in the post

I was looking for a case for the UMDs for the PSP. Could not find one anywhere unless I bought a complete hard-shell case for the box. I got back to the house and there was a small present from Sony – a case for holding 5 UMD’s. What a nice Christmas present, it put a smile on my face (and another on my case as I don’t have to carry around all those UMD boxes.

Double agent… enjoyable, but buggy

Finally deactivated that fracking red mercury bomb. For the last mission I decided that all bets were off for all the other characters in the game – really should not have done that as it sent my stats into the floor. Prior to this mission it was practically 100% intact bad guys, for some places. Well, leaving the boat blow up doesn’t count, does it?

Commander, my commander

It’s an interesting one. I seem to be less capable of commanding troops in Company of Heroes than other games. The problem stems, I think from the feeling I have that the troops in CofH are real people, I empathize with them when I see them being cut to ribbons by machine guns. I hate it when my snipers get shot, and I get angry when a tank runs my men over.
Then we have Warhammer 40k, Dawn of War. I have no compunctions to sending wave after wave of troops at the opposition, slowly eroding their numbers until I can actually wipe them out. Entire squads get wiped out and I just send more in. I just don’t have the same connection to them.
Strange that, and it’s only a computer game.

Slow composition

I have a set of hand written pages of the next 20-30 features to implement/changes to make to pocketcity in order to make it 1. better and 2. more easy to port. One of the things I’m planning on doing is moving the water pipes underground. This will change things quite a bit.
I’m considering getting a new laptop (again) and I’ve reached the point where the hardware that’s available is reaching what I want. It needs dual-core processor; I’m not getting another uni-processor machine again. Acer have dual core centrino models, with a decent graphics card. The only problems are the DVD drive and the video card. It’s a DVD-RAM drive. It won’t region free! it’s the same problem as the Ferraris. I don’t want to re-code all the non region-2 discs I have. That would be a pain in the ass. The video card isn’t supported in Linux either, which is another annoyance. I hope that ATI release a driver for the X1000 family soon.
Alternatives are Alienware and their Aurora m7700, which has an athlon processor. Has a more supported graphics card, but it’s about twice as expensive as the Acer. Then there’s the Widow PC laptop. Still the price tag problem.
Until I get a new laptop, I’ll have to be happy with the one I have. It’s an early generation centrino, so I’ve only got a/b wireless, and an integrated GPU. It works well for what I’m doing (programming, watching movies, occasional game).
Shame that Dell haven’t caught up on dual core for the gaming laptop.