From this month’s cryptogram

Psychologist Scott Plous said it well in “The Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making”: “In very general terms: (1) The more available an event is, the more frequent or probable it will seem; (2) the more vivid a piece of information is, the more easily recalled and convincing it will be; and (3) the more salient something is, the more likely it will be to appear causal.”

So frelling tired

It’s been just over a week since my father passed away. I am so tired in the evenings. I need to get a bunch of vitamin supplements. I’m back in the city, thinking about all the work I need to get back to and it’s not making me very happy. I nearly had a panic attack in Tesco yesterday, the people were getting on my nerves and I was not operating on all cylinders.
My father was deeply loved by all the people in both Castleisland and Castlegregory – so many people came to give their respects that we were overwhelmed.
It rained as we lay his body in the family tomb. You may think this is some hoity-toity thing, but in that tomb are my great-grandfather, grandfather, grandmother, grand-uncle Dick, who was the doctor that delivered my father and my own father. There is an immense amount of family history there in one place.
Sorry, can’t really continue with this.

My father passed away last night

My father passed away last night following a heart attack. It was sudden and completely unexpected.
The removal takes place tomorrow evening in Tagneys funeral home, Castleisland from 5.00pm until 7.30pm.
The funeral mass takes place in the church in Castleisland on Tuesday at 11am.

History, taught the right way

It’s a history of oil over the last 100 years, as told by Robert Newman. Funny and interesting. I hearken back to my leaving cert history classes and think – damn, if only my teacher had been that interesting I might have been able to stay awake in class 🙂