On the assumption that these are monthly stats…

Monthly StatsThis is a list of the top players of a game from GameTap. Kind of similar to the stats that are maintained by steam. The only issue is that those numbers are a little large – after all there’s only 744 hours in a 31 day month. It’s not actually a good piece of information to be displaying – 2032 hours is almost 3 *solid* months of gaming. If you flip over to another game you see 10274 hours – which is 428 days. These stats are kind of scary.
The total number of hours this month for may: 1053020, Number of sessions: 10376 which is 101.5 hours per session for the month of may. Assuming that a session is one launch -> termination of the game this is a really insanely long time.
I question the veracity of the statistics.
Anyone got any World of Warcraft stats?

Now it’s just getting surreal

That, plus Dermot’s involvement in the seedier side of Irish Music, or “Trad
Gone Bad”, as it’s known.

Hey Diddle Diddle
I’ll beat ya with me fiddle
While squeezin’ on yer ho’!

followed a little later by:

“The real-life activities of Gangsta-Trad stars such as P. Diddly and Tupace Manure have not matched their often violent lyrics. Commentators ascribe this to the difficulty of performing a successful getaway from a drive-by shooting in a tractor…”

I organize my trip…

And they change the office move date by a week. It’s bleeding typical to have something like that happen, as after all as my mother says, you can’t get away with anything.

It’s cheaper to visit the US

Ok, thinking about buying one of the new Ipods (Yes, the capitalisation is InTeNtIoNaL). Daire is going to hate me for mentioning that I have been considering getting a Macbook Pro. So I did the math. The Euro:Dollar exchange rate is about 1.3:1, so it saves me a bit more than €500 to get the machine. Soooo…. it’s cheaper to fly to New York for a long weekend and buy all my Apple desires in the US than it is to buy it in the store in Euro. So, I’ll probably be visiting the sister relatively soon then 🙂

Great music sale

great itunes sale
Hey, it looks like itunes is having a huge blow-out singer-songwriter sale – all albums are an amazing 7 cent!!!!!!! This is what you get from using a symbol (€) in the wrong position for the locale that you’re presenting, and also having a symbol that coincidentally looks horribly like another language’s cent symbol (¢). Just another morning complaint.

Simpsonize me

As part of a shameless plug for the simpsons movie there is a Simpsonize me website that allows you to turn a picture of yourself into a simpsons style character. This is my end product.