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Accursed iTunes regions Because, apparently it’s only available in the US. I’d love to buy the Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along blog videos. Unfortunately I’m not in the US so I am denied. In fact when in Ireland there are a lot of things that stop being available to me. Like any of the TV shows. Drive me to other sources!
Thankfully Warner seem to have been sensible with most of their Blu-Ray dvds – they don’t have zone locking so I can watch the ones I bought in the US in Ireland without violating anyone’s TOS.

Simpsonize me

As part of a shameless plug for the simpsons movie there is a Simpsonize me website that allows you to turn a picture of yourself into a simpsons style character. This is my end product.

the don’t bloody patronize me button

this site is not designed for minors. With that in mind we have created this really crappy test for you. If you can input a date of birth that means you are over a certain age then we will permit you entrance to our web site, otherwise please leave.
Problem number 1, anyone over the age of 18 (or, shock horror for drinks sites 21) gets sick of these things coming up so often. I mean come on people, just a button saying ‘i agree, I’m over the required age’ is a much better mechanism, because invariably the implementors of the web site in question have used some gorram flash animation that doesn’t take key input, and can’t deal with nerds typing dates.
The only time I got a kick out of something that insisted I was over a certain age asked me questions that were unlikely to be known by an under 18. The game was Leisure Suit Larry and it had a good collection of questions. I’m not certain, but I think they were age related, so if you claimed you were of a certain age then a different set of questions were sourced. you had to get three questions correct, and could fail two, after which it kicked you out.

War comparisons

I’ve been re-watching the new series of Battlestar Galactica, and damn, but it’s great. I’ve played several tactical games on the computer, but I’ve never encountered anything that has had the player in such an impotent position. You are dealing with an enemy that can increase it’s number by simply pressing the ‘more’ button on a console. I don’t think that anyone could play a game that ultimately, regardless of what you did, was unwinnable.
There are a few missions in games (such as the 10 minute survival ones in starcaft) that gave you a sense of just how hopeless it was, but they really don’t contribute to how awful it is.
There are few games that get close to this fact. Freespace 2 was one of them. It concludes with the baddies causing a supernova. It leaves us with a sense of hope. The only problem is that it, at some level, it allows us to feel that we can win.
I want an armageddon situation.

The Skeleton Key … An H.P. Lovecraft production

I just had the experience of watching ‘The Skeleton Key‘, a bit of a scary one. I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone, but once you’ve seen it, and if you’re familiar with the tales of H.P. Lovecraft, then you should know what I mean when I say almost complete rip-off (cough – Thing On The Doorstep – cough). That said, the movie is quite well done, and I’ve got shivers following it.
Now I’m watching ‘Old Boy‘. Fun for all the family.

Given a choice of free DVDs what would you pick

I was in London last weekend, and I went shopping. I got to a store that sold movies. Interestingly enough, they only sold DVDs, which only goes to show how technology progresses – even HMV sells VHS tapes still.
Having purchased a DVD from them I was given an option to purchase a DVD at a really low price. The only two that stuck in my head were ‘The Punisher‘ and ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang‘. I had the unenviable benefit of seeing ‘The Punisher‘ once before on Sky Movies. All I can say is that it reminded me of the game ‘Far Cry‘, rather than the actual character of ‘The Punisher‘, as portrayed in the recent Garth Ennis punisher comic.
I chose ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang‘. Can you blame me? At the moment I’m enjoying it on the laptop as I type this entry.
If anyone cares, I’m using DVDidle Pro to watch the movie. It saves battery on my laptop, as well as allowing me to watch non region 2 DVDs, which is kind of important.

Movie choices

Well tonight I was thinking of going to see the new Wallace & Grommit movie, but instead I decided to stay in and get some programming done. To that end, I’ve been treated to Hellboy on Sky Movies. It’s a great movie, but you need to appreciate where it’s coming from.
This afternoon I was treated to my sister in the house talking about here ‘killen’. Just like issues with the pronunciation of ‘fillum’ I’d like to say for the record that I’ve stopped correcting people, I just groan inwardly. This coming from the lad who read the ‘curry’man newspaper every week 🙂


I saw this last night on the telly. It’s a fun action flick with a premise that could have been taken from a PKD short story. There is the mandatory dove that is part of all John Woo movies. I would not have seen this at the cinema, and I don’t think it would have lasted long enough there to have even slightly piqued my interest.
On the other hand, someone was telling me that ‘The Magic Roundabout‘ wasn’t in the cinemas here. I can’t seem to remember it, but I may have been not paying attention to the cinema at the time. Anyone else remember?