Aargh! And it’s less than a week old

I bought an internet radio for the mother for Christmas – it means that she can listen to BBC Radio 4 without it sounding like complete rubbish over long wave. It worked fine for a few hours in the morning on Christmas day then it malfunctioned – the volume started to act as though the volume up button was jammed down. I can’t reset it – the behaviour makes it completely unworkable. It seems to be some form of short circuit. After I powered it off overnight, it seemed to work again – for about 10 minutes, then I got the same behaviour. With sadness I shall be returning it to the store to get a replacement unit, which, I hope, will work much better.

The issue it that it’s frustrating, I don’t think that it’s a problem endemic with the model as there seem to be a lot of people with the same model, none of whom seem to be complaining about it.

Newstalk 106’s quote of the week.

From the Newstalk 106 web site.
Restaurant critic Helen Lucy Burke joins Damien Kiberd on Wednesday’s Lunchtime Show and caused a lot of listeners to nearly choke on their chicken rolls by revealing some rather disgusting facts about the production of chicken…

Damien “What kind of practices are being used in relation to the production of chickens?”
Helen Lucy “Lets start with the food they’re giving them. Now, I can’t state what every chicken raising station over here is giving them but I can tell you what the New York Times has recently exposed the American Chicken Industry as giving them. It consisted of – ‘Mad Hen’ here we come – the ground up carcasses of chickens themselves; the feathers, the beaks, the bones…”
Damien “They’re turning the chickens into cannibals basically…”
Helen Lucy “Yes. They’re also giving them the mechanically removed meat from beef carcasses. And then, just to round it off into a nice little cocktail that everybody would appreciate, it’s held together with dollops of cow dung. Cow Shite.”
Damien “You’re winding us up”.
Helen Lucy “No!”