A little poem that was written onto my phone

hello peter
I am a little scamp from moore street
that likes to suck on wet socks
that have been left to stew on my grannys corns
but fear not. Although this may seem like drunken gibberish I have only had one wee beer
you are a good lad and I promise not to melt your face

I’ve started so I’ll finish

I was saddened to hear that Magnus Magnusson has died at age 77. Most of us remember him as the quiz master for mastermind. A fiendish quiz show for the real swots.

It’s all about meme (Ipod Oracle)

Young dermot was consulting the Ipod Oracle, so I decided to do the same.
You have a set of questions you ask. Put the player in random and based on the songs that come up you answer the questions and put in a comment.
The List of questions are hidden here:

The Complete List of my answers are hidden here:

finally Brian sends out an email without a 5Mb attachment

Brian has this habit of sending out emails with a bunch of attached pictures/embedded power point presentation/something using up lots of bandwidth.
Finally an email that only weighs in at 5k (damned html email). It contains a link to pictures. Now if only he would not have his website in a notes database. It just makes me cringe when I see it. It’s so… wrong. There’s no other word for it.

I’m Teal Green, in case you want to know

You Are Teal Green

You are a one of a kind, original person. There’s no one even close to being like you.
Expressive and creative, you have a knack for making the impossible possible.
While you are a bit offbeat, you don’t scare people away with your quirks.
Your warm personality nicely counteracts and strange habits you may have.

V for Vendredi

I went to the cinema last night with the full intention of seeing V for Vendetta. It’s not the same as the graphic novel, but I think that it hit the spot in terms of what’s happening in the world today. I enjoyed it and would recommend it for other folks. A bit schmaltzy at the end, and missing the point that ‘plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose‘. Go, see, enjoy a bald Natalie Portman.
IMDB link.

There were vehicular commitments

I was driving this evening from Cork back to Kerry, so I was unwilling to participate in the drinking of many, many pints. While heading for the car at about 10.30 in the evening I noticed a few very unsteady people, but it didn’t remind me of the worst excesses of previous years. It was bitterly cold, which probably kept people indoors and out of trouble. Pubs haven’t let out yet, so the storm is probably on the way.