Great music sale

great itunes sale
Hey, it looks like itunes is having a huge blow-out singer-songwriter sale – all albums are an amazing 7 cent!!!!!!! This is what you get from using a symbol (€) in the wrong position for the locale that you’re presenting, and also having a symbol that coincidentally looks horribly like another language’s cent symbol (¢). Just another morning complaint.

Today’s music

I’m glad I subscribed to emusic. It makes me get a bunch of albums every month, so I tend to reach out in various directions. It got me to listen to Joanna Newsom, The Rakes, Blonde Redhead, Mono, Melt Banana, Röyksopp. The list is quite long, but you get the idea. If you want to be forced into something get a subscription, otherwise you end up getting the same crap again and again

But not the remake… if you can call it that

The remake of ‘The Producers’ is practically the entire original movie – word for word, with some extra musical numbers. I mean they didn’t even try with this one. You would hope that they could at least try, but Matthew Broderick’s acting in this was cardboard to the point of annoyance, not a touch on the original Gene Wilder one (simply without compare). Nathan Lane was a bit better, but didn’t have the right level of desparation that Zero Mostel brought to the original one. Let’s just leave Uma Thurman’s role out all together, and Will Ferrell deserves to be clobbered for this one. Seriously, stick to the properly low-brow comedy like ‘the ballad of ricky bobby’.

This is a travesty of musical taste

starwars-xmas.jpg It’s the Star Wars Christmas album. A friend asked me to get it for her as some form of present. I’m just about to experience it for myself. The review from i-mockery may be the the definitive explanation of this really terrible piece of tripe. For indeed, I have got to the start of the first track and my heart is hurting from the sheer horrific intensity of it.
I saw the Bond movie and believe me, getting tortured like he was is probably preferable to listening to the frelling album. Well at least I can console myself with having the entirety of farscape to see over the holidays.

At a gig

Well I went to see Violent Vemmes again. I swear it’s becoming a habit with me. I’ve been to see them three times in Dublin in the last while. They seem to just keep coming back. It was a change form the last time I saw them. They skipped out on all their newer pieces in favor of the old reliables. It was fun and bouncy and it looked like everyone loved it.
I’m going to try to get a ticket for the Barenaked Ladies on Tuesday. Will I won’t I?

Friday Music

Today’s music is Evanescance. It seems very goth/rock. I like it. ‘Nuff said.

Today’s Tunage

Music today is by an artist called MC 900 foot Jesus. It’s interesting and quirky and just old school enough to be enjoyable. Mind you some people think it’s a load of crap, but what do they know?
hell with the lid off

Another round of applause to Ed P. who’s introduced me to a lot of interesting music.


Halcyon on and on – orbital
Real Wild Child – Dave owens
Voodoo People – Prodigy
Protection – Massive Attack
One Love – Prodigy
Open Up – Leftfield & John Lydon
Original Bedroom Rockers – Kruder & Dorfmeister
Cowgirl – Underworld
Good Grief – Urban Dance Squad
Grand Central Station – Deep Cover
Inspector Check One – Leftfield
Connected – Stereo MCs
Heaven Knows – squeeeze