I’m sorry Joss. I just didn’t get it at first

I’m sitting here at 12:45 in the morning watching Buffy. Season 6; The musical episode. I absolutely hated the first time I watched Season 6 of Buffy and the First time I watched Firefly. It was awful. I just didn’t like it.
Then I watched them again. When; I don’t know; maybe when I felt better about the entire thing and possibly actually got it.
Season 6 of Buffy was the worst to watch. It had the worst main bad guy and the entire thing was completely miserable.
The thing was that it was miserable. It was designed to be miserable. It was intentional to have the utter schlemiel for an opponent.
The issue is that the energy that was invested was spent getting to the end of Season 5. She had to fight a god. Her mother died. Hell, even she died in the end. I was done with it. Then it started again. Fecker.
So, Where do we go from here?

Simpsonize me

As part of a shameless plug for the simpsons movie there is a Simpsonize me website that allows you to turn a picture of yourself into a simpsons style character. This is my end product.

Just too much fun

In the vein of utter an total enjoyment. Last night was Eurovision night – more fun than a room full of exploding baby tigers. Seriously, our country needs to get it’s act together for this, as last place is an utter embarrassment (5 points). Ireland will rise again! Let’s see… we don’t have any death metal, and our ability to choose anything even slightly good has been officially eliminated – seriously, vox populi does not work.
On the plus side, we are officially rid of our flatmate on Thursday. I have a bottle of Chopin, a bottle of Tanqueray and a bottle of Noily Pratt. Well, maybe half a bottle of Chopin by the following weekend – it really is scrummy. It’s a martuni party, and at the strength I make them – it’s martuni’s for everyone.
Monday is the last round of viewings for the apartment,but unless something irrational happens, we’ve already made our decision.
Well, it’s 7am, I’ve been awake since before 6. I’m supposed to be seeing the third spiderman movie tonight. all good!

She, the ultimate weapon

Garm, but the lack of detail about what is happening in the overall story is scary. Because of the lack of global context the story is made more the sadder.
It suffers from the standard syndrome of most shows… we don’t know when we’re going to end, and as such, we’ll just keep stringing along the watchers until the end of the series.
Of all the characters in the show, I feel that Chise is the saddest. We’re not told why she underwent the program to make her into the ultimate weapon, so we can only guess. Throughout the makeup/breakup with Shuji, all we get are disjointed experiences from the front, the end of which is the ultimate destruction of the world.
I would have liked to have seen the other side of the story. What caused it, why it happened. I’m just an analytic nerd.

What is the matrix

It’s a simple premiss, kind of like the matrix. Basically the world has been destroyed and the only people left in it are stored on quantum computers. Approximately 400 to a computer, and there’s one for most large cities in the world. The problem is that there is an attacking foe and the only way you can combat them is to perform some funky quantum hoo-ha being re-created at some location far away. EVery time you are transferred a little piece of you is lost. Most of the time it’s dry damage, but every now and again it’s wet damage – and you lose a piece of your memories. Depending on the damage you can even end up dead. I know what you’re thinking, death, but you’re stored in a computer – surely there are backups. That’s the pain of the system. There are no backups. If something goes wrongoyu could die; or one step worse end up remembering only pieces of your life; losing precious memories of things that happened to you.
Yes, I’m a sucker for the Anime. All I need to do now is bump my learning up from partial sentences to actually understanding things.

I’m just laughing at Penn and Teller

I love the Bullsh*t show. It’s being aired on FX on this side of the pond. The episode at the moment is all about the obsession of having ‘the best’. Well, they’re doing the restaurant thing – everything on the table is made from really cheap ingredients, but is presented really well, with a great waiter feeding the best lines of BS to the customers. Surprise, surprise, nobody caught on to the fact that it was a scam until they were told. I’m reminded of the brother in law. I wonder if he would have been caught by this?
Now we have the environmental panic folks. I seem to remember Mr. Moore on the radio show a while back.

baals, it’s funny

I’m watching episode 4 of Stargate season 10. I laugh primarily because of the premise of the issue – there are many, many clones of Baal and, well, it’s just funny to have all those clones wandering around like ‘revenge of paranoia’. hell, at least we only have 5 clones in Paranoia.
Still laughing at the baals.

Humourous look at 24

The Robservatory (good pun there by the creator), has a wonderful listing of the 24 rules of the ’24’ universe. Pretty much all true.
It really is annoying, they keep hitting the same problems again and again and again. You would think they could get to the solution without having to suffer through so many problems. Case in point, season 2, I think, and the Israeli agent gets dragged out of the SUV and beaten to death by the racist hicks just to add another two hours to the storyline (minimum). In a movie there wouldn’t be a twist like that because it kills the bloody story, and drags things out so much that you just want to shout at the TV to speed things up.
Of course I was watching the show on DVD, so it made all the delays more painful. I presume if it was on TV that the delays would not have felt so bad. I gave up after season 2, I just don’t have patience for a directed yet unfocused show.
Hang on a minute, my favourite shows over the last while have all be japanese anime, which has the distinction of regular bouts of aimlessness. The advantage is that they’re only 22 odd minutes each which makes them a lot easier to digest.
Anyone else got a tune-in?
AIR, which really touched me. Kanon is another show that got me.

still on the CSI – gotta love the grissom

More ‘extreme scenes’, but with a shiny happy ending. I think I need to sit down with about 4 days worth of the show to get it out of my system – just like I did with Kit Kat’s. I can’t eat one anymore without thinking – damn, but this is tastless crap. I’m currently avoiding going through the process with the Tesco continental thins. Yummy, but I’m careful about it.
Donal! Where can I buy the booze! It’s all good; honest!